Monday, July 28, 2014

A letter from Israel

I received this from someone who got it directly from a friend in Israel.  As anti-Semitic protests mount in France, England, Germany and in New York City and elsewhere, we should be aware that the media are not reporting the situation without bias.  The media itself has become anti-Semitic.
“It has taken me some days to write down something coherent… This is what I 
know right now, today: The ugliness, the venom and sheer, violent hatred you are 
seeing in Paris, London, Berlin, LA, Boston, Denver, [Chicago]…. this is just 
the beginning. 
We Jews are the canaries in the coal mine for all of humanity. Today, they are 
throwing bricks at synagogues and smashing chairs and saying “Kill the Jews." 
Tomorrow it will be someone else. 
Does anyone really think this is only about Israel and the disputed 
territories? Today it is Israel. Tomorrow it will be you. 
Seeing these violent protests, hearing the sickening screams for death, we 
Israelis understand better than ever we must fight for every square inch and 
with all we have. It matters not how much better our military is, how much more 
precise our targets can be. It only matters that when the smoke clears that 
Hamas is disarmed, destroyed, disabled and defeated. Forever. Hamas. NOT the 
people of Gaza. 
I feel so very sorry for them. Sorry they were misguided and elected these 
lunatics. Sorry that in their desperation they allowed Hamas to fill the empty 
bedrooms next to their children's room with rockets. Sorry that their leaders 
have mansions and swimming pools and are sitting in air conditioning in another 
city while they are sweating and wondering where the roof over their houses 
went. (If not their house itself.) Sorry that they have been brought up with no 
inkling of who Israelis are nor what compromise is. 
Defeating Hamas will be a big problem for the power brokers because shame and 
honor are all that matter in this part of the world ... Here in this part of the 
world - for Hamas, honor comes from getting revenge. For them revenge is 
everything. For them revenge is the only thing. 
There is another Gaza underneath Gaza. Hamas could have built hundreds of 
schools, paved thousands of roads, built hundreds of kindergartens with the 
cement and iron they have used to build these underground bunkers and tunnels 
(and you wondered why Israel put a blockade on bringing building supplies into 
the Gaza strip?). These tunnels to hell are filled with ammunition. And no women 
or children, not a single elderly person is brought to safety there. They want 
them on the street - on the roof, standing right behind - nice and close to the 
terrorist firing the rocket. 
Hamas has refused to let journalists out of Gaza. Why? They need them to take 
pictures and record the carefully staged piles of bloody children and women. If 
the journalists leave they have lost the vehicle for distributing their bloody 
ad campaign. 
Hamas asked for a cease-fire. And they broke it. They break every single one. 
Israel is setting up a massive field hospital to treat our enemies. From 8 pm on 
tonight there will be a working maternity ward, an operating theater…a working 
hospital. For… our enemies. 
We are going to lose more boys. Last night we lost 13. With each day we are 
going to lose more. But everyone here now understands this is a fight to the 
death. It is them or us. They cannot compromise and they don't want peace or to 
share or to negotiate. They want revenge even if it means killing their own 
people. So we have to go in there and do things none of us want to do, but we 
have to. So this is why we are all so sad. 
Israelis want peace so badly. But we also desperately want to live. We love 
life and we are not about to let anyone, let alone a bunch of deranged thugs 
take it away from us. So yes, this is a fight to the death for both sides. 
Remember, if they win, you are next. If we win, those symbols of civilization 
that everyone takes so for granted will remain standing and everyone will 
criticize and complain about disproportionate responses and war crimes and all 
kinds of other irrelevant nonsense, but secretly I think everyone will be 
heaving a sigh of relief." 
2 Chronicles 7:14 New International Version (NIV) 
IF my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray 
and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, 
and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. 

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Just to enjoy

This song is on some commercials and I was struck with the beauty of this guy's voice. I hadn't paid much attention to him when I was younger and he really wasn't on my radar, but now I realise this fellow had a real gift of words and voice.  From the days when songs were simple and heartfelt.


Thursday, July 24, 2014

Desert Flower Foundation, a true feminist endeavour

From this morning, a horrific news item.

(AFP) -- Jihadists in Iraq have ordered that all women between the ages of 11 and 46 undergo female genital mutilation, a UN official said Thursday.

Most of us in the West don't even give this another thought, but the next time you see a Somalian woman, think about it. She has probably been mutilated in this way at a very early age. According to UN records, 8000 girls are victims of this crime every day.

A google search showed images that are horrific. I first read about this in Ayaan Hirsi Ali's book Nomad. She herself was a victim of female genital mutilation at the age of 4 or 5.

Another woman very active in the push against this crime is Waris Dirie, a Somalian refugee who fled to Britain, found work as a housemaid and then at McDonalds, was "discovered" by an agent and became a super-model and one of James Bond's girls in a movie.  She walked away from that life and became an activist to help other women who were victims like herself, and in 2002 she founded The Desert Flower Foundation to raise awareness of and to help stop this violation of women in Africa.

Women like Warie Dire and Ayaan Hirsi Ali are true feminists, taking on the fight against real crimes perpetrated on women as their mission. Their lives are remarkable and the whining of western feminists pales in comparison.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Post Abortion America

Although to my knowledge Peter Hitchens has never addressed the fact of his aborted siblings in print, on abortion he has much to say. “Those who wonder what they would have done had they lived at the time of some terrible injustice now know the answer,” he has said. “We do live in such a time. And we do nothing.”

A rather shocking article. I knew that Marilyn Monroe had had abortions, but had never heard it was as many as twelve. 

Even the Guttmacher Institute says that half of all women by age 45 will have had an abortion. Keep in mind that this is the average. The women who have multiple abortions put the average up. I personally think that the average of 1 in 3 is more realistic.

A friend of mine said that she was very fortunate that no one in her family had been touched by the issue of abortion. I think her statement is more likely to indicate, not that no one related to her has had an abortion, but that if they did, they are keeping silent about it as the majority of women do. 

Angelina Steenstra told me that, when she marched in the March for Life in Washington in 2012, the crowds by the side of the road had many women in them, women who were crying. As she walked past, Angelina felt acutely that she was looking at the face of America and that the entire culture was post-abortive. As the head of Silent No More Awareness in Canada, Angelina is aware of the healing that is required for these women and men. 

Articles like this one by Jonathon van Maren drive that reality home.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bus Ads Not Truthful?

From the website

Even before the most recent ads, organizations that masquerade as health services have advertised on transit, seemingly hoping to target younger and more vulnerable women. These organizations are explicit about their intentions to dissuade people from having abortions on their websites but do not provide this information on their bus ads, nor do they properly disclaim their bias.

I am deducing that the transit ads they refer to are the ones put up by

I cannot see how they can claim that this ad is untruthful. More specifically, they claim that the statement is "unscientific".

I would say that their claim is the one that is in error. Ask any medical doctor, or even a second year med student, when does life begin and they will tell you life begins when the sperm fertilizes the egg.  What else could possibly be the case?

As for the claim that the life may be human, but it is not yet a person, this is a philosophical statement and one that cannot be proved because it is a belief rather than a fact.  The definition of personhood is a construct that we have developed but it really says nothing about whether a being is alive or not.

If someone wishes to defend abortion, go ahead and defend it. But please do not claim that the pro-life statement about when life begins is not scientific because that is simply untrue.

Abortion is Voluntary Miscarriage?

One Planned Parenthood abortion clinic is advising clients to call their abortions miscarriages. This is recommended if the woman runs into trouble after taking RU 486 or mifepristone. The woman is advised to go to the emergency room of the hospital and to say that she is having a miscarriage.

How very convenient for Planned Parenthood—absolving itself of liability for the harm it is doing to women. The organization merely takes the money and runs. It can’t get more back-alley or deceptive than this.

As someone who has had three miscarriages that required hospitalization, I find this offensive. When I arrived at emerg with one miscarriage, I was surprised to find that my case was listed as a "spontaneous abortion".  In another instance, the medical staff looked at my case history and assumed that I had had an abortion previously until I corrected them that this was not so, I had miscarried.

For anyone who has suffered through a miscarriage, to equate a woman's termination of her pregnancy with an involuntary miscarriage is deeply offensive.  And that is just how this affects the women involved personally. To deceive medical personnel about your case is another level of wrongdoing.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Abortion Conference in PEI August 7 & 8

Prince Edward Island is the last holdout in Canada, the only province in which no abortions are performed. Well, at least that is what we believe. (However, I would never be surprised to find out that doctors are performing abortions in their own offices - just listen to the story of Alveda King who had an abortion during a routine medical exam). 

So those who want to bring abortion into that tiny province are trying to break down the barriers to abortion with a conference.

It is called Abortion: The Unfinished Revolution

You can view the conference program at this link.

Apparently there are two doctors, one of whom comes from Nova Scotia, who are willing to travel to PEI twice weekly in order to perform abortions there.

Participants in the conference include speakers from places as far away as Chile, Ireland, South Africa to name a few countries.

If you are interested in attending this conference, I think it would be very good if some pro-life people would do that. I no longer have the stomach to listen to these arguments. I can only take so much feminist chatter.

I hope that pro-lifers show up in great numbers to draw attention to this conference. The residents of charming little PEI will not know what is going on, unless someone points the finger at this conference in downtown Charlottetown during the height of the tourist season.

The conference is based on the assumption that abortion is a woman's issue and that it is the woman who is at the center of this issue. It ignores the very real scientific fact that there is another person involved, one whose life is sacrificed for the convenience of another.

PS - I have since discovered that there are two Dr. MacQuarries, one is Colleen MacQuarry a psychology prof at PEI; the other is Dr. K McQuary an obgyn in Amherst NS.  This is a little confusing, as I was told that the doctor from Amherst is willing to travel to PEI to do abortions. My apologies for misleading anyone here; I should have done more scoping out the two doctors prior to this post.